Published: 15 Aug 2018

In an incident at the Glen Shopping Centre in Victoria in June 2018, a JLG R1932R scissor lift dropped approximately 3 metres without notice while an air con plumber was working on it. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt on this occasion. This was not an isolated incident. The CFMEU advised members to avoid using this model at the time until it could be determined whether this was a widespread problem or a fault that could be contained and rectified.

Over the two months since the CFMEU initially issued an alert to members to avoid using the JLG 1932R, JLG have confirmed that there is a dangerous flaw with this model and that they should be removed from service immediatley. The letter from JLG on this topic is here, and should be used to support members' refusal to operate a machine of this model. 

If you come across a JLG scissor lift model 1932R please immediately advise your Health and Safety Rep and ensure the scissor lift is tagged out of use, or contact your CFMEU Safety Unit if you have any concerns.

You can download a printable version of the updated alert here.