Cbus - Ensuring you're protected

Published: 16 Feb 2023

Guest post from Cbus Super Fund

Insurance was woven into Australia’s superannuation scheme from the outset. This is largely due to unions advocating for it to be included within the system, after witnessing the devastating effects of people killed or injured on site, then families left with nothing.

Many Cbus members’ working in building and construction perform high risk work in hazardous conditions.
Cbus is one of the few super funds in Australia that cover members for hazardous occupations, like working from heights and working with heavy machinery.
The recent changes to super laws mean people may be left without automatic insurance cover and are at risk of not being covered.
Our members’ stories demonstrate how insurance can help if something were to happen to you.
Watch Cbus member Shannon Unger’s powerful insurance story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeFFJ43FKf4

In 2020, Cbus succeeded in advocating for a Dangerous Occupations Exemption (DOE) for our members. This means all eligible Cbus members receive default insurance cover automatically, no matter what your super balance is or how old you are.

However, under more recent Your Future, Your Super law reforms workers are now ‘stapled’ to their super fund unless they make an active choice. This means workers are often linked to the first super account they created for their first job - not the one they need in their current job.
Workers new to the building and construction industry are at risk of being tied to a super fund that does not take their higher risk occupation into consideration when designing their insurance.
We want to see laws amended to cater for workers in hazardous environments and ensure they’re insurance is fit for purpose.
To advocate for our members and their families, Cbus has made a submission to the Treasury review of Your Future, Your Super legislation to ensure workers are with a super fund that is appropriate for their industry and needs.
Cbus is also encouraging members to check their insurance cover because of these new ‘stapling’ laws. This is particularly important for workers new to construction who may end up paying for insurance that excludes cover for dangerous occupations.
Check your insurance cover today: https://bit.ly/3VVj3wt
You can download a PDF copy of this information below