Victorian Liberals plans to oppose registration scheme for engineers reckless and irresponsible

Published: 26 Aug 2019

Victorian Liberals plans to oppose registration scheme for engineers reckless and irresponsible

The construction union has slammed the Victorian Liberals plan to oppose the introduction of a registration scheme for engineers as reckless and irresponsible.

The Bill, currently before the Victorian Parliament would for the first time introduce a registration scheme for engineers in Victoria, ensuring only those properly qualified and accredited could undertake work.

CFMEU Construction and General Division National Secretary Dave Noonan said that the registration of engineers was an important first step in tackling the national crisis in the building and construction industry.

“The Liberals plans to oppose the registration of engineers in Victoria, a measure that would begin to address the national crisis in construction, is reckless and irresponsible.

“Just last week, independent research revealed the cost of repairing defects in residential apartments across Australia would cost a staggering $6.2 billion.

“Liberal opposition could cost the State and consumers billions. They’ll fight for deregulation at any cost.

“In Mordialloc, Victoria residents have just been advised that their apartments are no longer fit to occupy due to combustible cladding and significant fire risk.

“We now have legislation that begins to address the issues of shoddy workmanship and defective construction work and the Victorian Liberals oppose it.

“Where is their commitment to helping the thousands of families who cannot live in apartments they’ve paid for, or face huge bills due to dodgy construction work and design?

Mr Noonan said that Victoria was in the extraordinary position of having no registration scheme for engineers.

“In Victoria, anyone can call themselves an engineer. Builders, electricians and plumbers all need to be registered but the people who design the buildings they construct do not.

"Construction workers who drive cranes, erect steel and build scaffold are required to have high risk licences to ensure site safety. Yet the Liberal Party doesn’t think engineers, who are crucial to site safety should be registered and accountable? They are again putting profits ahead of safety.

“The failure to register engineers and the failure of government regulation in the building and construction industry more generally goes a long way to explaining why we now have a crisis that is bringing the sector to its knees.

“It’s time for the Victorian Liberals to quit being part of the problem and start being part of the solution. Support the registration of engineers in Victoria now.”

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