Victorian agreement supported by workers and industry

Published: 14 Jul 2020

The Victorian construction industry agreement achieves good outcomes for workers and the industry and demonstrates how a cooperative approach between unions and employers can strengthen the industry during the coronavirus crisis, says the CFMEU National Construction Division.

“Armchair critics like Innes Willox at the Australian Industry Group show their ignorance of the construction industry when they attack agreements that have broad support across the sector,” said Dave Noonan, CFMEU National Construction Secretary.

“The AIG is just a lobby group for some of the most aggressively anti-worker corporations in Australia. They have little understanding of what goes on beyond the boardroom champagne and canapes of the biggest tax-avoiding companies in the country.”

“The agreement negotiated between CFMEU Vic and the Victorian Master Builders is a model for the kind of cooperative decision making that has enabled the construction industry to remain operational during the covid-19 crisis. Contrary to falsehoods being pushed by AIG, under the agreement superannuation payments for most Victorian construction workers will be 12 per cent by 2023.”

“The agreement also ensures that Incolink, the Victorian construction workers’ entitlement fund, remains a lifeline for our members. It is a model that should be adopted in all industries to protect worker entitlements.”

“Incolink has been instrumental in the heightened covid-19 testing that has enabled the Victorian construction industry to remain operational during a pandemic that has wreaked havoc on the economy and upended countless workers’ lives. Incolink’s mobile testing capability has helped keep Victorian workers safe and on the job.”

“The Victorian agreement will also improve job opportunities for women, for older workers and for apprentices. It will contribute to increasing the skill levels in the industry and it will enable more imaginative and flexible work patterns.”

“The strong superannuation and worker entitlement protections in the agreement also means that building workers will be less reliant on the welfare system than others when they retire, lose their jobs or are ill.”