Stimulate construction to save jobs and build a better Australia

Published: 12 May 2020


The CFMEU is calling on federal and state governments to stimulate the construction industry to save jobs and help drive Australia’s economic recovery, warning hundreds of thousands of jobs are at risk if construction slows in coming months.

“Construction workers have stayed on the job, working through the pandemic crisis and helping keep the Australian economy moving,” said Dave Noonan, CFMEU National Construction Secretary.

“However, a significant fall in the most recent employment figures revealing a 6.4% crash in construction jobs between March and April shows the industry needs urgent stimulus to drive new building projects and keep more than 1 million people in jobs.”

“Construction employed more than 1 million people before coronavirus hit and the industry is a key pillar of the Australian economy and will be central to the national recovery. Construction workers have stayed on the job, working through the crisis while managing the risks created by Covid-19.”

“Australia can build our way out of this economic crisis. The CFMEU and Master Builders have joined together to call for a $10 billion social and affordable construction fund to keep more than a million people in jobs, stimulate the industry and deliver a significant social and economic dividend to the entire nation. We could provide homes to tens of thousands of people at a time when housing security has never been more important.”

“Australia also needs serious investment in health, education and transport and we should secure construction supply lines by supporting Australian manufacturing.”

The stimulus calls come as the CFMEU today launches an advertising campaign celebrating the efforts of construction workers to safely stay on job during the crisis and to keep building a better Australia together.

“Construction workers have done the right thing throughout this crisis, safely working in the national interest to keep the economy moving but they can only continue to do so if the industry remains strong.”

“We need federal, state and territory governments to commit now to stop further job losses which will hurt workers and their families, and instead ensure construction remains a backbone of the Australian economy.”