Insider reveals Morrison plan to pursue Ensuring Integrity Bill

Published: 7 Jul 2021

Coalition insider Graeme Watson is reported as saying the Government will bring back the anti-worker Ensuring Integrity Bill, defeated in parliament in 2019.

"If this government is interested in ensuring integrity in public life it should immediately bring forward a bill establishing a national corruption commission applying to politicians, judges, commissioners, business and public servants," said Dave Noonan, CFMEU National Construction Secretary.

"Watson's comments, reported on Workplace Express, reveal the Government's secret plan to again attack workers rights under a bogus spin campaign citing integrity."

"The very worst examples of corruption in public administration lie with the Morrison Government."

"These examples include: 

  • The systemic theft of taxpayers money by Morrison and his cronies for use as electoral bribes as seen in the car park and sports rorts; 
  • The use of secret security agencies to spy on a friendly government on behalf of a private corporation, with the relevant minister shortly after taking up employment with that corporation; 
  • Cover ups of serious allegations of rape and sexual harassment by government ministers and staffers by bogus “inquiries” headed up by liberal party insiders; and 
  • The politicisation of government agencies and tribunals including the Fair Work Commission and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal through the appointment of failed Coalition politicians and cronies."

"The idea that Morrison and his administration are in any position to lecture Australians about integrity is a script for a Mad As Hell skit."