This election - Vote for your safety

Published: 29 Jun 2016

In this election, Malcolm Turnbull has not spoken about workers’ safety – something we know is important to you.

But what the Abbott Turnbull has done and what the Liberals plan to do if elected is on the public record.

What has the Liberal Government done to improve your safety on the job?

Nothing. Absolutely zero.

What have they done to weaken safety on sites?

  • Undermine existing safety standards and safe work practices by reducing policing of sites and enforcement of standards
  • Failed to properly resource safety and workers compensation in Comcare
  • Neglected to regulate and prohibit the importation of asbestos – set to worsen under the China Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA)
  • Create job insecurity and intimidation which prevents workers from speaking out

What do they plan to do if elected?

They plan to make it even worse by bringing back the ABCC which:

  • Makes workers fearful of speaking out on safety
  • Goes back to the bad old days of the previous ABCC where fear and intimidation ruled and prevented workers from acting on safety
  • Turned a blind eye to ever increasing fatalities and injuries in our industry
  • Threatens workers with imprisonment

If safety matters to you, put the Liberals last.