Collapsed cartel case reveals ACCC's abuse of power

Published: 17 Aug 2021

The collapse of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's cartel case against the CFMEU ACT and Secretary Jason O'Mara raises serious questions about the ACCC's behaviour in the matter and is yet another failed prosecution emerging from the Heydon Royal Commission.

“This case has been an abuse of power by the ACCC and should never have proceeded to court”, said Dave Noonan, CFMEU National Construction Secretary.

“All of the charges against Jason O'Mara have been withdrawn at committal and the ACCC must explain how this case proceeded when they knew the charges were unsupported by the facts.”

“It is another example of the appalling abuse of legal process and failed prosecutions stemming from the discredited Heydon Royal Commission.”

“The ACCC has engaged in the blatant victimisation of Jason O'Mara. An honest, hardworking trade unionist has endured three years of trial by media and attack on his character.”

“Rod Sims should apologise to Jason O’Mara and resign.”

“The ACCC has attempted to weaponise the Consumer and Competition Act to attack the right of trade unions to collectively bargain.”

“The Federal Government sank significant funds into this case, continuing its endless war against the rights of working Australians and the trade unions that represent them.”