CFMEU welcomes abolition of ABCC

Published: 1 Dec 2022

The ABCC represented the last vestiges of John Howard’s Workchoices agenda and its abolition today marks the end of that era’s divisive anti-worker legacy.

Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party had a clear mandate to abolish the ABCC.

As the last federal election approached the ABCC was meeting with employer groups to discuss campaign strategy, demonstrating how politically compromised the ABCC truly was.

The ABCC failed to prosecute a single case of sham contracting while prosecuting hundreds of workers for taking industrial action to protect their safety, wages and conditions, and rights on construction sites.

This targeting of people for standing up for their rights put enormous stress and hardship on construction workers and their families.

Australian construction workers welcome the vote of parliament to abolish this authoritarian and politicised body and look forward to engaging with all parties in the industry to meet the challenges it faces.

These challenges include safety on sites, workplace diversity, mental and physical health of construction workers, and the need for more apprentices and training.

Dave Noonan, CFMEU National Construction & General Division Secretary